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About life

and the things it embraces - health,
beauty, parenting, self improvement

and motivation.

This site is about life, the things it embraces and which plays an important part in our wellbeing.

Daily we keep ourselves busy with those things that matters the most to us. In most cases number one will be to earn a living. In doing so we sometimes neglect or forget about the other things which are necessary in balancing our lives. They are also important to give meaning to our existence.

We would like our visitors to sit back for a while, relax and give life a second thought. Life is very complex and different things and ideas matter to each individual. We are all unique; a big plus, otherwise life would have been boring! Therefore we know it is difficult to have content for each taste but will try to cover a wide spectrum.

You will find articles about health, beauty, fashion, alternative medicine, relationships, self-improvement, home, hobbies, finance, parenting, careers and many other of interest. New content is published continuously

Kapriz Enterprises welcomes you...
Life starts with a miracle...
Then it becomes mind-boggling…
We wish you a much deserved brake… Let's have peace amongst each other…

Visit our blog and please comment – we most certainly would like to improve our site to meet our visitors’ needs.

Our wish is that just maybe something will trigger a positive thought, help to take a problem or worry away – even if only for a few moments. Just maybe, we hope, a few words read will result in a life-changing experience. We most certainly will welcome regular visits!

We hope you enjoy your stay...

Kapriz Team

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