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American West Handbags

"I have chosen three of my favorite designs"

By : Kapriz

If you are among the many women who love sharp fashion mixed with casual style then American West handbags are ideal for you. These purses offer sophistication and elegance in a durable accessory that can’t be beaten. Once you see these handbags, you’ll know what I mean.

Any serious fashion designer will tell you that it is very difficult to mix Western wear with West Coast and East Coast styles. However, the designer behind American West handbags has managed to make the perfect purses for any part of the world. You can take your American West purse to a rodeo or to a fashionable nightspot.

I have chosen three of my favorite designs to help you gain a new appreciation for an accessory like a purse. The first of the three is the Hobo. This bag is great because it offers a youthful elegance in a very casual format.

I love the Hobo purse because it has a roomy single compartment that is great for carrying a lot of loot. These American West handbags also have convenient cell phone compartments and a zipper compartment that helps you stay organized. You have all of the benefits of a large bag with the convenience of quick access to your goods.

Sometimes a smaller purse is in order. My pick from the many smaller handbags is the Zip Around purse. This little tote is made of mahogany leather that is nothing short of breathtaking. There is an inner compartment that is great for organization and the shoulder strap is detachable.

The Hobo and the Zip Around American West handbags represent the big and the small in this line of purses but the Three Compartment Structured Purse represents the beautiful. This knockout bag is my very favorite in the entire line. There is good reason for my interest.

Of course, these handbags are made of the finest quality leather. The detailing is what really caught my eye with the Structured Purse in this line. There are magnificent inlays in the leather that offer wonderful texture and interest. The silver toned nail heads and delicate silver buckles add charm and style to this lovely carry all.

I also love that this purse has three compartments that are ideal for keeping me completely organized no matter what. Of the American West handbags, I have to say that the Structured Purse is my favorite. I’m sure you will find a favorite of your own in this line of carry alls.

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