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Authentic Gucci Handbags

"I prefer the original designer purses"

By : Kapriz

Nothing rings a more pleasant note in my ear than the words: “Authentic Gucci handbags”. There are few items on this planet that can send a lady into orbit than one of these objects of desire. The designer purses are truly icons of wealth, style and sophistication and for many of us; the authentic Gucci handbags are simply a good investment.

I have owned more than my share of designer knock-off purses and I have to say that I have spent a lot of money on these items. Sure, they are wonderful accessories and they are mostly well made. However, once I got my hands on a Gucci handbag I really understood the difference.

The quality of the knock-off designer purses is quite outstanding. I have had no problem with my replica Gucci handbags and I know that they are as durable as they are attractive. But there is no comparison to the real thing in my experience. There are a handful of reasons that I favour the authentic Gucci handbags over the replicas.

Anyone who is a real supporter of artistic style and design appreciates the importance of originality. I see these handbags as real pieces of art. While it’s nice to have a Van Gogh print in my home, it is far better to have an original piece created by this artist. I guess that’s the understatement of the year.

When it comes to purses, these handbags are collector’s items that retain some value. The replica purses are great for the occasional wearer, the young lady who has an appreciation for style and the money-conscious adult. However, an avid fan of fashion will not settle for anything other than authentic Gucci handbags.

I also prefer the original designer purses for their overall quality. It is difficult to explain the difference between the replicas and Gucci handbags. One thing is certain. Even a novice can spot the real thing. I have carried around several replica purses and the reaction is usually the same.

Most people will say something like, “Lovely purse. Is that a Gucci replica?” when I’m carrying a knock-off. But when I tote one of the authentic Gucci handbags, there is no question. Most admirers just mention how fantastic the item is then eat the icon of fashion with envious eyes.

Resale value is another great thing to consider when buying authentic Gucci handbags. You can sell your purse for a nice chunk of change. Who knows, you may even find a great discount on the originals online.

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