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Fashion Magazines

"Fashion magazines do show what's on the cutting edge of fashion"

By : Kapriz

Most women have some degree of interest in fashion, from just wanting to stay “modern”, if not quite up to date, to those of us with more than a passing fancy, wanting to know what the latest must have items are. If you're one with a passion for fashion, fashion magazines offer a world of window-shopping right from a cosy chair at home. If it's a rainy day, so much the better!

Some people – un-fashionistas – complain that there are too many ads in fashion magazines. However, those of us who are into fashion, want to buy or at least see what these ads are selling. Therefore, to the fashion-conscious person, ads become content! Some of these ads have pull-apart pages revealing a whiff of the latest designer fragrances, while others contain tiny tubes of lotion. Now who wouldn't enjoy an ad like that? Ads for designer clothing can provide little mini fantasy vacations, allowing you to imagine wearing that to the beach while vacationing in Greece.

Fashion magazines do show what's on the cutting edge of fashion, and if you can't quite afford to buy these originals, at least you know the style will be coming down the line to a regular department store soon.

If you study fashion magazines, you begin to get a sense of how trends work. For example, in the latest issue you see that silk scarves are everywhere, used as fashion accessories tied about the neck, as belts and headbands. All you need to do to get a jump on this trend is stock up on scarves, finding your own imaginative way to make a fashion statement.

You'll also find interesting features in fashion magazines, such as interviews with celebrities, articles on the latest hair styling products and hairstyles. Make up is another popular topic. Lipstick colors change by the season, as do eye shadows, as manufacturers vie with one another to produce color combinations suited to the newest clothing colors.

Shoes, handbags and jewelry are also seasonally directed, with heel heights going up and down, handbags getting bigger, then smaller and costume jewelry changing on a monthly basis.

Even the costumes you see in fashion magazines, which you know you wouldn't wear on a bet, are still entertaining as you peruse the photo, wondering who besides the model could pull this off as regular street wear.

Did I mention that most of the big name fashion magazines are hundreds of pages per issue? Yes, indeed, you've got at least an afternoon's entertainment ahead of you, and you're likely to learn at least a few new fashion titbits you lacked before!

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