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Prom Shoes

"Prom shoes only have two real requirements"

By : Kapriz

One of the biggest events in a young girl’s life might just be her prom. It is oa party that means school is almost over, and the other side of life is about to begin. Most are excited about this, and they think they want to look and feel amazing on prom night.

There is a lot of thought to what the prom dress is going to look like, and almost as much thought is going to go into choosing the right prom shoes. However, most girls don’t think it all the way through when choosing what they want to wear.

Prom shoes only have two real requirements; at least, that is what most think when shopping for them. They have to match the dress, and they have to look good. I remember many girls thought about nothing but their prom shoes after my prom, but not for the reason that they perhaps thought. Quite a few had a great night, but the next day they had blisters and could not stand to be on their feet for more than ten minutes. Why? They forgot to think about comfort.

Some women argue that comfort and shoes have no business being in the same sentence. However, others, like me, disagree. I love shoes, but I know what to wear and when to wear them. I would not have worn very high heels for prom shoes simply because I knew my feet would have been unhappy rather quickly. If a girl is used to wearing them, having heels for prom shoes is quite okay, but most aren’t quite that used to it.

Think about the prom shoes and what they are going to do to your feet before you make your final decision. You should always get something you like, but perhaps buy a pair of flats to slip on later if your shoes are bothering you. Also, take some time to walk around your house in your prom shoes before the big night in an effort to wear them in a bit. It is much better to get a blister from walking around your house rather than to get one the night of prom.

Also, check the bottoms of your shoes. If you suspect you are going to slip, find some grips to glue or stick on the bottom. The last thing you want after walking into your prom looking amazing is to fall down in front of everyone.

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