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Ceramic Coffee Mug

"A ceramic coffee mug makes a wonderful present"

By : Kapriz

You can find a ceramic coffee mug in just about any retail store you enter. These items are commonly used for your morning cup of coffee. Since most of us reach for our mugs in the early hours of the day, a typical ceramic coffee mug usually has some interesting or humorous picture, saying or design.

Many people like to use kitchen accessories like this that are uniform in design. However, just about everyone has a favorite ceramic coffee mug that is tucked away somewhere in the home. Just as wine tastes better out of certain glasses, only some mugs offer the best tasting cup of coffee.

I drink my morning brew out of a ceramic coffee mug that is designed for the holiday season and use it all year long. The item is usually tucked behind my “show” dinnerware and I typically only use it when I don’t have guests. It is funny but I really enjoy drinking out of this particular cup. It just tastes better.

Some of these kitchen items also have sentimental value. I can’t say that my coffee mug has any real sentimental value. I just noticed that my morning brew tastes better out of this particular one. However, many people drink out of very special mugs that were given as gifts or ones that simply remind them of a special person or event.

A ceramic coffee mug makes a wonderful present especially if you put some thought into the purchase. My sister favours a certain mug that has the Morning Prayer: “Dear God, please don’t make me parallel park today.” She gets a laugh out of the silly cup every morning. She can’t parallel park to save her life so it is quite appropriate.

You may not be able to find that perfect coffee mug that conveys just the right image or message. However, you can create one. These items are among a number of products that can be personalized to suit the receiver. Many places let you add images in addition to text as well.

One of my favorite providers of this service is Café Press. You can create a store and make your very own personalized ceramic coffee mug. This is a virtual playground for creative individuals who love giving sentimental gifts. These coffee mugs are so nice that there is little chance that they will be tucked away in a cupboard.

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