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Coffee Grinder

"Coffee is more than an addiction for me"

By : Kapriz

After all of the gadgets and gizmos that I have added to my kitchen collection over the years, I still feel that my coffee grinder is the best addition I have ever made. As an avid coffee drinker, I use my grinder nearly everyday. For fresher tasting coffee, there is no substitute for freshly ground beans.

I enjoy the act of grinding the beans myself because I feel that it connects me to my coffee. In today's world in which so many of us eat meals on the go and rarely have time to make good diet choices, it is a pleasant rarity to feel as though you have more than a passing relationship with your sustenance.

Coffee is more than an addiction for me - it is an appreciation that goes back to my childhood. I began drinking coffee years before I probably should have. Having watched my parents brew up and then enjoy coffees with wonderful and enticing aromas, I associated something mature and sophisticated with coffee.

Part of my appreciation of coffee is my desire to be a part of the grinding and brewing processes. I like to look at having a cup of coffee as a ritual of sorts much like the tea ceremony scene in Karate Kid. You people from the eighties will know what I mean.

Household items such as grinders are often overlooked as gift ideas even though they are always appreciated. A coffee grinder makes a great Christmas gift idea in my opinion. A coffee grinder may even fit into a decent sized stocking.

You can find grinders at any major retailer. Whatever your price range is, there is something out there for you. I own a modest coffee grinder that I bought at Target for about ten bucks. I have used it regularly for over three years and I have no complaints.

I think that a new coffee grinder or maybe a fancier one alongside a few pounds of flavored premium coffee beans sounds like an absolutely heavenly Christmas gift. I think that gift idea could work for nearly everyone in my family too.

Grinders are a great gift or thoughtful addition to a home. I would recommend them for newlyweds, a housewarming party or even your college freshman. If you want the feel of a personal café in the convenience of your own kitchen, a coffee grinder is a must have!

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