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Gloria Jean Coffee

"Enjoy the Taste of Gloria Jean Coffee at Home"

By : Kapriz

Although I love my daily dose of caffeine, I hate the fact that there's a Starbucks on practically every other block in the downtown area. I'll go there if I have to, but I would prefer to see the city open up to more competition so I can experience a wider variety of gourmet coffees from all over the world. But no other shops seem to be able to withstand Starbucks' pricing and ubiquity. For instance, we had a Gloria Jean coffee store (they're my favorite by far) in the mall for a while, but they closed down recently so now I have to order my French Vanilla Supreme online.

Thankfully, Gloria Jean coffee is still available on the Internet. This is wonderful for fans of this company's blends that don't have a physical store nearby. Sure, it's not quite the same as being able to walk in and get a fresh, steaming cup of joe on the spot, but at least I can still enjoy the rich, robust flavor right in my own home. I'm not sure what I would do if the entire outfit went out of business!

I usually order several pounds of French Vanilla Supreme (and maybe one or two other flavors) to get me through a few months at a time. I can then brew the stuff in the morning before heading to work, and fill a huge Thermos to sip from throughout the day. I don't know how well other brands "keep", but I find that Gloria Jean coffee tastes just as full and satisfying on the long drive back home as it does during the morning commute. To me, that makes it worth ordering online - which is something I never thought I'd do before.

I've found that Gloria Jean coffee also makes a terrific gift. Some people have never heard of this brand, and are initially a bit sceptical about trying something out of their comfort zone. But once they do have a taste, they immediately become converts and ask where they can buy some of their own. I love turning others on to the merits of Gloria Jean coffee. Hey, I need as many people buying this brand as possible to ensure that they stick around and keep right on producing my favorite blends!

If you've never tried Gloria Jean coffee before, then you're really missing out on an amazingly tasty experience! I know people are generally quite loyal to their java brand, but in this case I think a bit of experimentation is warranted. Places like Starbucks are simply too big for their own good now, and pay less attention to quality than they used to. For consumers who insist on top service, it's time to branch out!

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