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Abuse Against Women

"Abuse against women can take many different forms"

By : Kapriz

Consumers Domestic violence and abuse against women

Domestic violence and abuse against women are, sadly, cross-cultural traditions dating back to the dawn of time. Women are often conversationally termed as "the weaker sex," and for many men, the relative physical helplessness of women presents an opportunity or target, sick as it is, for abuse against women.

It's important to note that it doesn't really matter what race, culture or creed you are. Abuse against women is a time-honoured tradition all over the world, from Topeka to Tehran and all points in between. While in certain cases, such as the Muslim world, abuse against women is far more tolerated and encouraged, that doesn't mean that abuse against women doesn't happen in the western world. It surely does, and it is surely just as threatening.

Abuse against women can take many different forms. Physical violence is the most overt, but mental and emotional abuse against women is also common. And remember this: whether it comes from a loved one, a family member, or a complete stranger, violence against women is a crime punishable by jail time. It doesn't matter if it's your spouse or your boyfriend (or girlfriend), it doesn't matter if they say they didn't mean it, it doesn't matter if you think they really love you. The facts are that those who commit abuse against women once are more likely than not to do so again.

And if you are a victim of said abuse, you have to remember that it's not your fault. You do not deserve to be hit, or screamed at or intimidated, or even called names or told that you are worthless. If you're in a situation where something like that is happening, it's imperative that you seek help from trusted friends and family in order to get help and get away from your abuser.

You must also talk with your doctor or health care adviser, especially if the abuse has been physical. And most especially if the physical abuse has been of a sexual nature. Do not delay, do not make excuses and do not take the blame on yourself. You are the victim here, and it's incumbent upon you to stand up for your rights and protect yourself.

Also, please pay special attention to this if you are in an abusive relationship: BE CAREFUL OF USING THE INTERNET. Your movements can be logged and tracked if you search online, and if your abusive partner is controlling and violent, he or she could become enraged at your decision to seek help. So take all the necessary precautions - delete your page history and cookies or, if your partner is very savvy, you may want to use a friend's computer or a public computer at, say, the local library.

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