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Activities For Infants

"Don't forget to give your infants fresh air each day"

By : Kapriz

Babies don't seem to need much to do before they can talk and walk on their own. They seem content to chew on some favorite toys, giggle at mom or dad and enjoy walks outside in their strollers. What you may not realize is that you can do activities for infants that can help them learn faster and hit milestones a bit more quickly, though you should never obsess about how soon they do things, they will do them when they are ready and that is okay. However, if you want something to do with them that is a bit more stimulating, there are many fun things to try.

Some activities for infants can help them with speech and word recognition. You can talk to them all of the time and think of that as a learning activity. Those infants that are spoken to the most often are the ones that seem to talk earlier and that have better word recognition at a younger age. You don't have to play videos for them or do anything special; you just have to talk to them. Think of it as narrating everything you are doing with them. They learn to speak by watching how you make sounds and how they are putting them together. When they try, repeat it back to them. They love it.

Don't forget to give your infants fresh air each day if you can. Stroller rides and even trips to the grocery store are great activities for infants that give them exposure to the world they have yet to know much about. Fresh air is good for them, and it helps with how their brain will develop. Colors, sounds and motions are all good for building a brain that will absorb knowledge for a long time. Don't forget to narrate for them; telling them what you are doing and what they are seeing.

You can also work with your baby for physical development. Activities for infants like this include moving their arms and legs around to avoid stiffness if they don't seem to have much interest in moving while crawling and sitting. You can spend time playing on the floor with them while they lay on their stomachs. Babies tend to hate being on their tummy, but they need to spend time like that each day so that they can work on holding their head and shoulders up, as well as learning how to crawl around on their own.

No matter what activities for infants you choose, the most important thing you can do is to pay attention to them. They need the give and take of a close relationship with you to progress both mentally and emotionally. They need to feel close to you and they need to feel loved. Infants and toddlers that feel close to their parents often feel confident in relationships and that confidence actually helps them to be strong and independent later on in life. It’s an investment that pays of.

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