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Baby 3 Months Old

"The first three months are definitely about bonding"

By : Kapriz

Your infant spends a lot of time sleeping, eating, and depositing various items into his or her diaper. For a little while, you can get them to stay awake to interact with you, though this interaction is very limited. The first three months are definitely about bonding, but a lot about sleeping and eating to grow. By the time you have a baby 3 months old, he or she has grown quite a bit, and they are suddenly a bit more willing to stay awake a bit longer to get to know you better. Neat things start happening at three months, so enjoy!

A baby 3 months old may be starting to smile at you. This is not the weird smile they get when they are trying to pass gas. You will know when your baby is smiling because they are happy to see you, and that smile will go straight through you and melt your heart. You will know when your baby has given you a real smile. Sometimes, this smile happens long before the three-month mark, but most are doing it or will smile for real when they hit this age. Take lots of pictures, as your baby is going to keep growing and you won't want to forget those first tentative smiles you get.

If you notice that your baby is doing some odd things, it could be that they are experiencing early teething pain. Though not all babies get teeth this early, some get teeth as early as four or five months of age. This means that a baby 3 months of age can start to have some discomfort from teething even though the tooth in question will not break the surface for a few more weeks. Help your baby by lightly pressing a finger on the front gums to see if that offers some relief, or perhaps hold a cold teething ring up so they can chew on it. If these things help, teething may indeed be starting.

You may notice that a baby 3 months old suddenly starts to sleep more at night and will take more defined naps during the day. They are not going to sleep through the night just yet, but you will see the beginnings of your baby learning the difference between night and day, and staying awake more during the day to interact with you. When your baby of this age suddenly wakes up more after seemingly just starting to settle down, and wants to eat more than usual, you can assume they are going through a growth spurt, which can happen right around three months of age for many babies.

Remember that a baby 3 months old is still very much an infant. They are still in control of when they eat and when they want to sleep. Eating and sleeping are both what help them grow, so allow them whatever they want. Babies at this age cannot be spoiled, so feed them, cuddle them, and allow them to sleep as much as they want. They will only be this age once, so enjoy it and take all the time you need to bond deeply with your child. The dishes and the dusting can wait.

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