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Baby Bjorn Bouncer: An Invaluable Gem for Baby

"It can fit in large suitcases"

By : Kapriz

The baby Bjorn bouncer is something that every mother whose child cannot yet sit up would find invaluable to have. The careful slanting design of the bouncer enables the baby to be positioned at an angle that will allow them to see other things in their surroundings rather than staring at the ceiling at all times. For increased variety to the mothers, the baby Bjorn bouncer is available in different models: brown or beige, black or silver and air mesh material for use in hot climates.

After placing a child in the baby Bjorn bouncer, mum can go ahead to attend to other duties within the room without worrying about rocking the baby. Since the bouncer is fitted with anti-skidding silicone pads, it is extremely steady once placed on the floor and does not leave skid marks. Baby’s own movement, in whatever part of the body initiates some gentle motions on the bouncer, thus ensuring that baby  does not feel left alone even when no one is there to rock them.

To enhance baby’s comfort, the baby Bjorn carrier is made of soft fabric, which accommodates the baby well without being too stiff on their backs. For mothers who like variety for their babies, the Bjorn bouncer provides this since the cover fabrics can be reversed to attain at least four different looks.

Is this bouncer recommended for all babies? Well, just as long as the baby is aged below six months and weighs not more than 28 pounds, the baby Bjorn bouncer is ideal for them. The advantage of using such, is that one can easily adjust it to three different positions to give the baby maximum comfort. The bouncer can be reclined totally to allow them to nap, or adjusted to two different upright positions to allow baby to watch people in the house. More to this, one can easily change positions without having to disturb the baby by removing it from the bouncer.

Due to its light weight (5 pounds), the baby Bjorn bouncer can easily be carried on one hand or tucked under the arm. It also fits perfectly on most overhead bins provided in airplanes and can fit in large suitcases. This means that one can carry it along when travelling to ensure that baby will be comfortable.

Overall, the baby Bjorn bouncer is modelled with baby’s delicate spine and the need to observe its surroundings in mind. Babies who love action will stimulate rocking motion on the bouncer with their leg or hand work. Still, the mother can induce rocking motion by occasionally stepping on the foot-bounce placed on the lower part of the bouncer.

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