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Baby Massage

"Babies are delicate and need to be handled with care"

By : Kapriz

Baby Massage is one way of ensuring that the baby gets to relax after so much sleep and lying around. Since babies are usually not physically proactive, massaging him or her aids in enhancing the overall development of the baby. Further, the massaging exercise helps to enhance the emotional bond between the person doing the massage and the baby. Some of the benefits of massaging the baby include helping the baby’s digestion and improving its sleeping patterns. This is in addition to improving the baby’s alertness and activeness.

To conduct the baby massage efficiently and effectively, one must take time to prepare. This is because unlike adults, babies are delicate and need to be handled with care. As such, the timing, position and setting have to be perfect. Concerning timing, one should choose a time when he or she and the baby are relaxed. The baby should be neither too hungry nor too full. Ideally, one should sit on a bed or the floor with the baby comfortably placed on the laps. The first baby massage position should be with the baby lying on his/her back on a terry towel. This allows one to massage the front side of the baby. The baby should then be laid on the terry towel face down to allow one to massage its back.

During the baby massage, the room temperatures should be ideally 75 degrees centigrade. More to this, one should sing, talk or play some soothing music to make the baby comfortable. Having in mind that the baby’s skin is delicate, one should choose massage oils carefully. Natural oils are ideal for use on babies’ skins. As such, one can use either almond or vegetable oil. A few drops of fragrance can be added for a good scent. One should warm a few drops of the oil on your hands before applying it on the baby’s body. Avoid applying the massage oil on the baby’s face or head.

Through out the massage, one should ensure that the baby is comfortable. Since the baby cannot issue verbal consent, it is always good that one follows the signs that may indicate that the baby is over stimulated or uncomfortable. This could include crying or body writhing. Ideally, newborn babies under two months of age should only be massaged for a maximum of five minutes, while those older than two months can withstand elaborate massages.

The overall benefits of massaging the baby is that the exercise gives him/her smooth  transition  from the womb to the hard realities of the world, develops the baby’s sense of touch and also develops his/her awareness and coordination abilities. In addition to helping the baby, the baby massage helps the parents to develop a closer relationship with the baby. More to this, the massaging exercise helps the parent to relax too.

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