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Ideas for baby shower cakes

"You can try a diaper cake"

By : Kapriz

It is always delightful to have a new addition to the family. This is a bigger joy for first time parents. When such a God given opportunity knocks on your door, there is a lot you cannot afford to take for granted. You need to plan and incorporate the help of your family and friends. Some people prefer to hold the celebrations after the child is born but you can also decide to host this before birth.

That is why you need to think about the baby shower cakes. If you prefer to buy from a baker, you still need to have an idea of the color, decorations, shape and size of it to help you get the best. The most creative way is to think of a theme that revolves around children stuff. You need to utilize your faculties in this. One all time favorite is to come up with cup cakes. This idea would stand out if you have many guests attending. You can arrange them on the table to design the kid’s name.

When you have finished the day’s festivities, you can give one cup cake too each of the guests. If most of your guests are young and they love fun, you can decide to have a cup cake decoration competition. Each of the guests will have to come up with creative ideas to decorate the cupcakes and the host can act as the judge. This will bring a lot of fun to the event. When it comes to baby shower cakes for a nursing mother, you can use the photograph of the child in the design. The professional bakers can help you with that.

You can try a diaper cake. This one is not edible. The guests can bring it together as a surprise gift or the mother to be can make and place it on a table in the room to give the occasion a theme. Making this one will depend on the height you want. That will be the determining factor in getting the materials to use. You need several diapers, thread, ribbons, baby stuff like small shawls, pins, even baby lotions and shampoos. Everything used in making this gift will be given to the mother so it has to necessary and relate to the child. Making it is not a daunting task.

First you will need a paper towel roll. This will act as the centrepiece and you need to roll the diapers around it. As it gains height, the size of the tiers can increase to give it shape. Hold the diapers closely to the paper roll with baby ribbons, which can act as decorations. On these ribbons, you can take your creativity further. Insert some kid shampoos, lotions between the diapers and the ribbons. When it comes to the top tier, you can add more lotions, powders and even a teddy bear if you so wish. Make sure you secure the tiers with ribbons because when you place it in the package, you will need to carry it to the party.

Some other baby shower cakes ideas can include cookies, which you can make in creative designs. You can also make teddy bear themed ones. The best ideas are the ones where you’re creativity takes over.

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