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Buying Used Baby Furniture

"Having a baby is expensive"

By : Kapriz

There is no doubt about it. Having a baby is expensive and not all families are prepared when they find out that a baby is on the way. The baby may be welcome, but that does not mean the couple or family was expecting a new one just then. When money is tight, parents to be may want to buy used baby furniture to save money. This is a great idea, but it can also be very tricky. Some things should never be purchased second hand and those that are okay still have to be checked out thoroughly for safety reasons.

One of the most commonly purchased pieces of used baby furniture would be the crib. This is very tricky for a few reasons. You can find great cribs that have been gently used that you can use for your new baby without any problems. However, you won't know this when you go out looking at cribs or if you get one from a well-meaning relative. Baby cribs are one of the most often recalled items out there. Find out more about the crib and make sure it has never been recalled. Also, check it over for any flaws that may harm the baby.

Car seats are also tricky if you want to get used baby furniture and accessories. These can be recalled as well, so check on any one you are considering using whether new or used. You should also find out more about a car seat that has been used by someone else. If a car seat has been in any type of accident, it should never be used again. Upon inspection, it may appear to be in perfect condition, but that does not mean that it is. There could be things that broke internally that compromise the effectiveness of the seat. Never take chances, even if it was just a fender bender. Throw it out and go with something else.

Dressers and other nursery pieces are often used baby furniture items that people use again and again. If you want to renew these items, make sure you are using paints and stains that are safe to have in the nursery and that they air out long before the baby arrives. Also, make sure these items are safely secured to the walls so that a climbing baby won't tip them over. Check construction to make sure all is well and discard anything that does not seem to be in baby-safe shape.

Used baby furniture may also include things like bouncy chairs, high chairs and bassinets. These should all be checked over just as thoroughly as anything else that you have bought for the baby. Some recalled items that are very old might not show up on recall lists so check out how something works on your own. Don't be afraid to be rough and yank on things to be sure they are going to stay secure.

Babies are helpless and depend on you to keep them safe, so take some time to make sure none of the items you bring into your home is going to be dangerous.

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