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Wood Baby Cribs

"Traditionally, wood baby cribs are the norm"

By : Kapriz

Planning a nursery for a new baby is a fun time for expecting parents. Even if you have done it before, it is still something you do in anticipation of meeting a new baby and you want everything to be just right. While you want to get the right look and the right feel for your nursery, you also want to find value and longevity in the items that you buy. Choosing wood baby cribs is a great start to getting great looking pieces that are going to last beyond the first couple of years if you do it right.

Traditionally, wood baby cribs are the norm, but you can find them in other materials. Some cribs are made with metal and some with resins or hard plastics. There is something to be said for cribs made with these materials if they are made right, but there are also dangers with ones that are made with less care than needed and cheaper types of these materials. A solid metal crib is rare, but would be sturdy. At the same time - not the best material for a baby crib. Instead, think about wood baby cribs as the best of the cribs you can buy.

Some cribs are made with hollow metal poles and slats. They can look good, but there are a few problems with these that make wood baby cribs superior. For one, the metal tube like materials is not as strong as they look. A baby is not strong enough to damage these, but moving one can damage it if something hits or lands on it in a moving truck. After a while, any crack in the paint can lead to rusting underneath, a nightmare situation if you have a baby sleeping in that crib.

Some baby cribs made with cheaper materials are also made with cheaper labour. This means those putting them together or even designing them are not thinking about quality as much as they should. These cribs tend to come apart, lack in safety standards and many end up being recalled. There are some wooden baby cribs that also get recalled, but it is usually a design issue and not a quality of building material issue. There are cheap woods that are used, so that is a consideration when shopping.

A wood baby crib worth buying is one that is going to be safe, sturdy and that is made with safe stains and paints. If you really want to make a great investment when you are buying cribs made of wood, get one that can convert into a toddler bed and then a full sized bed later. It grows with your baby so that you are not buying a new bed for them every few years. Spending extra money now on a quality, convertible crib means saving money in the long run and also getting something you can feel good about each time you lay your baby down to sleep.

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