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Fashion Designer Education

"On the job education is easily obtained"

By : Kapriz

Fashion Designer Education: A Recipe for a Successful Career

Turn around you, or just look in your closet, and every design on the clothes, shoes or bags you see is the creative work of fashion designers. This means that the nature of their work requires creativity, passion and dedication. Fashion designer education is a vital part of equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to handle fabrics and ornamentation in different textiles.

Fashion designer education usually lasts between two and four years. Within this period, budding fashion designers either earn an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. The course work covers textiles, colors, tailoring and sewing, fashion history, pattern making, computer-aided designing and basic design by hand. Mathematics, psychology and human anatomy are also other subjects that a person learns in design school.

After graduation, some designers usually take a business related course such as fashion merchandizing or marketing for purposes of improving their business acumen in readiness for the ups and downs of the competitive design market.

One can also attain fashion designer education in the post secondary institutions approved to provide art and designs programs throughout the country. Although such are not universities, they are accredited with the necessary status to award fashion design degrees to students who excel. Before admission to such however, one needs to have completed some basic art and designs lessons successfully.

Since fashion and design is an art mainly reliant on talent and dedication rather than fashion designer education, talented people can still excel without joining institutions of higher learning. Such can gain some of the skills needed by taking up internships in design houses or cloth manufacturing firms. Here, they are able to gain valuable sewing and pattern-making skills. They are also able to learn the art of efficient communication with fabric suppliers, manufacturers and people who purchase their designs.

On the job, fashion designer education is easily obtained when beginners work as sketching assistants or pattern makers for the experienced fashion designers. The experienced designer works as a supervisor who approves the designs or guides the less-experienced beginners into making good designs. Usually, beginner designers also learn the art of researching the market for current trends and preferences from their seniors. This can either be through a market research or through utilizing published information on the same.

Just as other products targeting the consumer market, the designers need to make designs that will fit and spur demand within the consumer market. They do this by designing the right styles, fabrics and colors that will appeal to the consumer market.

Overall, fashion designer education helps people interested in the design career to understand every aspect of the fashion design world. This is in addition to equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge necessary for excelling in the fashion industry.

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